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Visual PCE 1st steps

Most of this is taken from the Manual which is included with the Software.

After starting Visual PCE a new working space is automatically opened to start a new script.
Prior to adding commands you need to declare a procedure. It is advised to start with the MAIN procedure. Choose "NEW PROCEDURE" from the "Commands" menu. Alternatively use F9, choose "NEW" from the context menu in the procedure window or press the 'P' button on the toolbar.

Give your procedure a declarative name and mark it as the Start of the procedure (MAIN) or Error handling procedure (ON ERROR CALL). Optionally add a comment to the procedure.
The new procedure has been opened in the workspace and has been added to the procedure list.

Next, declare all necessary variables. Use "NEW VARIABLE" from the "Commands"-menu. Alternatively use F12, "NEW" from the context menu in the variable window or choose the 'V' command from the toolbar.

Give the new variable a descriptive name and define a type for the variable. You can choose between Number, String, Boolean, Document, Time/Date or Other. The variable types will assist you when setting up commands through subtraction Of Non-Usable Variable Types.
All variables can either be declared at this stage or later.

In the command tree you can choose commands from the 'COMMANDS' menu or click the right mouse button in the right window.


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